De Dampkring coffeeshop commissioned an 8-piece Max Zorn polyptych for its top-floor to look like a glowing dollhouse

Max Zorn, tape art Amsterdam, de dampkring coffeeshop

De Dampkring windows at night, an 8-piece polyptych made of packing tape on acrylic glass with an opaque sheet behind each pane to fuse the indoor lighting into an illuminating glow.

De Dampkring is one of Amsterdam’s most iconic and famous cafes still standing as a symbol of coffeeshop culture. Not only known for its celebrity clientele, and set cameo in the movie Ocean’s 12, it also boasts medals and awards for its products, aesthetics and design.

Max Zorn’s 8-piece polyptych was designed to fit the windows above the vintage wooden and brick store facade. The sepia tones from the brown tape blend in the artwork seamlessly. A historic Amsterdam harbor setting from the Dutch Golden Ages of the 17th Century is the backdrop. And subjects are a mix of Dampkring legends and industry icons mixed among the docklands.

Max zorn, de dampkring, Amsterdam tape art

Combined image of De Dampkring artwork by Max Zorn, made with brown packing tape on acrylic glass.

Max Zorn, Tape art at the Dampkring Amsterdam

Max Zorn, Tape art at the Dampkring Amsterdam

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