South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual and one of the most well-known film, interactive media, and music festival and conference in the world held in Austin, Texas. 3M and Scotch tape aligned with the festival to install a giant 8ft x 6ft lightbox in downtown Austin as part of SXSW Eco Light Garden light art installations. The work, portraying an environmental symbolism behind Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, doubled as a stage backdrop for music artists like hip-hop legends Pharcyde. Max Zorn created live nightly for nearly a week to finish his large tape artwork as spectators spent time watching the artist at work and gazing at the creation. The video above was shared via street artist Banksy’s Facebook page, and received over 20 million views.

SXSW festival and Scotch Tape (3M) invited tape artist Max Zorn to Austin to create a huge tape artwork in public

Tape art for SXSW – Max Zorn live


As a commission by 3M Max Zorn created the worlds largest artwork made of packing tape at the South-by Southwest festival in Austin Texas

Huckleberry – tape art by Max Zorn


Max Zorn making tape art at the South by Southwest Festival

Max Zorn making tape art at the South by Southwest Festival

Max Zorn created this largest ever tape artwork for the SXSW festival in Austin Texas

Huckleberry – Tape Art by Max Zorn


max zorn Sxsw tape art

SXSW Eco by Max Zorn; made with brown packing tape, an element that also embraces the concept of upcycling medium.

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