Max Zorn silences the room at TEDx Amsterdam

TED Talks Amsterdam is organized by a nonprofit foundation driven by volunteers and financially supported by sponsors from the corporate world. The main goal of the foundation is to organize several annual events and create a movement around ‘ideas worth doing’. Max Zorn was invited in 2012 just after his initial viral video was released to speak about his tape art discovery, his method, and his initial project Stick Together that spread art for free to fans around the world.

Max Zorn silenced the room with his speech, including images and his making-of video that showed the process of his tape art technique. He included a few real pieces to show the crowd, and received a heavy round of applause from the audience. This was the first speech Max Zorn had delivered about tape art, and about art in general — a mere few months before he had just begun his career in tape art.


TED Talks invites Stick Together’s Audrey Sykes and Max Zorn

The global community giant of TED Talks approached Stick Together to present its story and in-house artist Max Zorn to a 400-plus audience at the Technical University of Munich in the name of art and its future. It took hours of practice to get this 15-minute speech down to a tee, memorize it and keep it captivating. Special thanks to the cameraman who refrained from too many close ups — after three back-to-back fairs and little sleep it’s better to get that wide, all-encompassing angle anyway.